Audrea - Pittsburg, KS

"We added Israel to our family, I'm extremely happy with that decision. Would highly recommend getting a Bengal from Wood's. Unlike most breeders, these babies are born and raised with family. Not caged like wild, unwanted animals. Absolutely stunning in person, pictures don't do them justice!"

"Because of your dedication, the Bengals from your home are loving and EXTREMELY family oriented and involved.

Thank you!"

"Izzy is an absolute blessing to our family and just keeps getting better. We love him so very much. Cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be his human!

There is so much that sets him apart from other pets, he's incredibly intelligent and loves the kids.

Watching them play is fun. He likes to body slam against their legs, then runs off waiting to be chased. 

This is the kind of interaction a furry family member should entice. He doesn't disappoint. After Playing, he lays with them or me. 



"My kitten came to Idaho, very healthy loved and cared for. you can tell how much effort was put into him. He was exactly as described...right down to his personality. I would buy from her again anytime. I am so thankful. Everything went perfect!!"

Darlene - Boise, ID


Sofia - Edison, NJ

"I've had my beautiful girl for about a year and she is just amazing. Couldn't have asked for a better cat. you can tell she was raised with other kittens and in a family setting  and has adjusted so well to our home. We love you Stella!! Thank you so much Woods Bengals!!"


 "Just look at these sweeties. bringing these two into my family was the best decision. These kittens were clearly well loved and socialized! They are loving and playful and the perfect  sisters. Their personalities were just as described and a perfect fit for me. Thank you Woods Bengals for Keyna and India!"

Aimee - St. Louis, MO


Julie - Medway, MA

"Frosty, who has been renamed to Ari, is a delight and awfully spoiled. He loved people!"

Sonya - Sherwood, AR

"Growing up comfy! They just lay under me or on me while I work. Spoiled is all"


Colleen - Pittsburg, PA

"The kittens are doing marvelously I really don't remember my world without them."

"Leo turns 1 end of month. Initially I was a little concerned about having four of them but honest to God they are the best creatures that I have ever been involved with. They are loving they are smart they are athletic and I thank you so much for bringing them into my world"