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Audrea - Pittsburg, KS

"We added Israel to our family, I'm extremely happy with that decision. Would highly recommend getting a Bengal from Wood's. Unlike most breeders, these babies are born and raised with family. Not caged like wild, unwanted animals. Absolutely stunning in person, pictures don't do them justice!"

"Because of your dedication, the Bengals from your home are loving and EXTREMELY family oriented and involved.

Thank you!"

"Izzy is an absolute blessing to our family and just keeps getting better. We love him so very much. Cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be his human!

There is so much that sets him apart from other pets, he's incredibly intelligent and loves the kids.

Watching them play is fun. He likes to body slam against their legs, then runs off waiting to be chased. 

This is the kind of interaction a furry family member should entice. He doesn't disappoint. After Playing, he lays with them or me. 



"My kitten came to Idaho, very healthy loved and cared for. you can tell how much effort was put into him. He was exactly as described...right down to his personality. I would buy from her again anytime. I am so thankful. Everything went perfect!!"

Darlene - Boise, ID


Sofia - Edison, NJ

"I've had my beautiful girl for about a year and she is just amazing. Couldn't have asked for a better cat. you can tell she was raised with other kittens and in a family setting  and has adjusted so well to our home. We love you Stella!! Thank you so much Woods Bengals!!"


 "Just look at these sweeties. bringing these two into my family was the best decision. These kittens were clearly well loved and socialized! They are loving and playful and the perfect  sisters. Their personalities were just as described and a perfect fit for me. Thank you Woods Bengals for Keyna and India!"

Aimee - St. Louis, MO


Julie - Medway, MA

"Frosty, who has been renamed to Ari, is a delight and awfully spoiled. He loved people!"


Sonya - Sherwood, AR

"Growing up comfy! They just lay under me or on me while I work. Spoiled is all"


Colleen - Pittsburg, PA

"The kittens are doing marvelously I really don't remember my world without them."

"Leo turns 1 end of month. Initially I was a little concerned about having four of them but honest to God they are the best creatures that I have ever been involved with. They are loving they are smart they are athletic and I thank you so much for bringing them into my world"


Morris - Bucyrus, KS

"Hi! Quick kitten update, they're doing great. So glad I got them together as they play constantly! They're great! Ross, who i think we might name Niko, is very friendly. Runs to me and purrs when he sees me. Monica, probably going to name her Sasha, loves to explore and is starting to ask for attention."


Michael - Canyon Lake, TX

"I thought for sure she would need an adjustment period. Heck no! She has been climbing all over her stuff, playing, eating and drinking, now she is laying on my belly kneading on it and purring lol."

"She is doing great. She refuses to sleep anywhere but on me lol. I stream online occasionally and she sits on my shoulders whioe I do. If I go to the bathroom, she follows, if I go upstairs, she follows lol. It took MAYBE 3 days for her to get used to the Dobermans, but now she plays with them everyday. We got another puppy, Great Pyrenees, to be a livestock guardian for all the outside animals. She thinks we got him for her lol. They chase each other all the time lol. If the pup gets tired, she will pounce on him to get him going again lol. She has another health check up with the vet this week. So far no issues at all. And just like I predicted, my female doberman thinks she is her baby lol."

Kelley - Kansas City, MO

"We received our first cat EVER from this breeder. Honestly, we didn't think a cat would be an option for our family, as we have family members that are highly allergic to felines. When my youngest daughter talked about how she really really wanted a cat, our research began to see if it was really possibly.

Tierra walked us through the process. We did a visit with our most allergic person. NO REACTION. (please always check your person, don't rely on our lack of reaction for your person.)

We had LOTS of questions about cats, and taking care of them. Tierra answered all our questions very patiently, and kindly.

The kittens (yes we got 2! lol) we brought home, were very comfortable and used to people. Very playful, healthy babies.

We are hopeful for many years of being cat servants."


"What can we say. Tierra and her kittens are the BOMB!!! We have never owned kittens, cats, or pets really for that matter. As nervous as we were going into this process she made us feel right at home and it was if we had known her our whole lives. We had never even met her or knew who she was by the way (was recommended by a friend) She guided us through every step of the process and for every dumb question (And they say there are no dumb ?s but we had them ) she answered them with the upmost patience, professionalism, and sincerity. As for the kittens. River and Tiger Lily (Renamed Luna) are an amazing addition to our family. It took them about 8 hours in one room which was a cat mansion to want to go out and do more. When they did an explored a little more of the house, they really took off. They are both FULL ON ENERGY and we love it!! Its obvious Tierra and her family show the love these kittens and cats deserve. We have seen a number of videos were new owners get bengals and the kittens are crying. I think it’s because WoodsBengals is an extraordinary cattery neither one of them has cried at all. Thank you so much Tierra for all your help!! We will defiantly recommend anyone interested in a bengal to reach out to you!"

Jared - Oklahoma City, OK


Lori - Edna, KS

"Excellent, ethical, caring breeder! Honest and knowledgeable! Her kittens are beautiful and well socialized."

Herberth - Springdale, AR

"very happy, if you are looking for a pet here is the right place.
the cats are very healthy, trained and above all very affectionate ❤"

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