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My guide to Cat accessories and products:

One of the most asked questions I get from families that have adopted from me and even families that are cat lovers with fur babies already is: 

What do I feed? What litter is the best? What toys should I buy? Harness or collars? Where and who do I buy from?

We all want the best for our precious furry family members and don't want to waste our money and time on products that they don't like. There are so many products out there it can be over whelming to know what to get, what brand and which companies to choose from. 

I feel each and every one of you! Having several cats for breeding and bringing in new ones and having litters of kittens, I have spent $1000's on $1000's of dollars on products that did not work for me. I wish I knew what I do now. But I know which products that I do like and which ones that just, simply put, a waste of money

Over the years I have shared my experience and recommended what worked best for me either via email, text and/or phone calls with so many..

I thought you know I have many companies that I love and even have partnerships with some of them, that gives my Cattery and those that I refer discounts for using them. These are products I already LOVE and use daily, so why not create a page sharing my knowledge and recommendations with all of you. I hope you find these tips and recommendations useful. Feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions. My email is I am always happy to help in any way I am able to.   


Tierra Woods, Owner/Breeder


This one is one of the most controversial topics when it comes to owning your pet. You will always hear a different opinion no matter who you ask, many people are very passionate about this topic. One bad experience and it is shouted on all social media sites, sometime the food isn't even the cause and sadly sometimes it is. Who do you trust, who do I go to? Each pet and family is unique and have different circumstances, background, experiences etc. This can make this topic that much more heated, confusing and even complicated. I personally do not feel like one food is the best for ever pet and family. 

My story/background:

As a breeder, I wanted to give the best, highest quality, I possibly could give to my cats. I had heard that no matter what you choose, it needs to be high protein, and no grain. So I looked for those foods that would meet that criteria. I tried dozens of kibble food over the years. I would have one brand and protein and everything seemed to be great, a few months later I noticed one of my queens had diarrhea. I ran tests everything came back good, so with the vets help we decided that it might be the food, so I switched brand and with any switch it takes 3-4 weeks for your cat to adjust fully. Well things seemed to be going well except now one of my other queens seemed to throw up once in a while. We determined with the vets help it was food related. So on to a different brand I went. This continued for over 3 years. My queen that had the diarrhea never improved through this switch. I was exhausted as it seemed like I never could find that ONE food that everyone agreed with. Another breeder explained that the "raw" diet is really the best. She sent me sources, books, research, you name it. I dug in, and decided this was what I needed to do. 

I went all in, commercial meat grinder, connected with experts in the field, researched until I felt like I had a good grasp on what I needed to do. The most important thing with DIY your own "raw" food is BALANCE it needs to be a minimum of 80/10/10 (80% meat, 10% bone and 10% organ). Throwing a piece of raw meat to your cat can do it more harm than good, this does not meet their nutritional needs. When the cat is deficient in the nutritional needs for survival, the immune system can become compromised and can lead to malnourishment, sickness, and disease. This is when a vet visit happens they ask what you are feeding, and "raw" diet is then blamed. Which in truth it is, only because the proper BALANCE wasn't done correctly. It isn't complicated, but it can feel like it when we don't know where to start. 

As soon as I switched to the "raw" diet the difference was incredible! In just 2 weeks my queen that always had diarrhea? Yep, no diarrhea! I finally had solid stools. One of my Kings always had this gorgeous high contrast coat, when he had hit 3 years old his markings/spots faded in his mid section where you could hardly see them anymore. The only spots that were visible were around his shoulder blades and hips. I had researched why his spots were fading when it started, only article I could find was on another website saying that the warmer/redder the Bengal color is, the more they fade as they get older. So I had left it at that. Well to my complete surprise his coat came back bright, contrasted, and gorgeous as it was when he was a kitten. This happen within 2 weeks! For the very first time, I had a food that everyone of my cats did great on. Not one side effect. This was over 3 years ago now. I have no regrets. 

With this said, without a doubt I personally saw a huge benefit to my own cats and their kittens, and will always recommend the "raw" diet as being best and highest quality. But as a pet owner, mother, and breeder, I know that this isn't always the best option for our current circumstances. I will always support each family and each cat individually. We hand raise and love each kitten that we produce and we always want what is best for them. I always stay as balanced as I can and will share both my first recommendation "raw" diet as the highest quality, but will share some of the kibble brands and options that I have tried and had the least problems with. 

Food Recommendations:

"Raw" diet options:

Viva Raw - Complete and balanced (80/10/10) - Ships to your home -

They provide a 20% first time order discount. They also have an empty

bowl guarantee, if your pet doesn't like it they will give your money back. 

Discount link:                                                                     

Or you can type in WOODSBENGALS at checkout.

Kibble options:

Royal Canin - This one gets a bad rap online but all my cats loved it and I had the least issues on it. I recommend using the "kitten" one until they are 18-24 months old then switch to the breed specific one for Bengals as they are higher energy than most breeds.

Treat Options:

Wild Pursuit - These are all natural healthy dehydrated proteins. Use code: WILDPURSUIT15 for 15% off your first order.  

20220225_085918 (1)_edited.jpg


This subject is always a fun one! Honestly, I don't think I have yet found the perfect litter. I will recommend my top few that I had the least issues with. I personally like the clumping litters, sometimes dust happens with them. But as to cleaning, covering, and smell they seem to work the best. 

Tidy Cats "Instant Action" blue colored 35-lb pale. You can get in on, Amazon and most pet stores. 

Dr. Elsy's "ultra unscented" it starts killing the bacteria and breaking it down as soon as it is covered. 

Natural route:

Pine Pellets - This one turns to saw dust when wet, you can use a sifting litter pan to remove the pee and you have to scoop the poop out. 

Litter Boxes/Pans

Our favorite is the Litter Robot it works amazing. You can use any clumping litter in it It automatically scoops the poop and deposits it in the drawer below. Just simply pull the drawer out and dump. 

Here is a link for $50 off:


Cheaper options:

What I find most often is the size and quality to be lacking.

ExquisiCat® Plastic Compartment Litter Pan I found this litter box at PetSmart it is less than $30 and it is really thick and durable material. As long as you have space for this size (Product Dimensions: 34 in L x 19 in W x 10 in H), it is large enough for your Bengal to get in and out. It has tall sides that keep the litter in when they dig. It has no divots or creases so it is easy to clean and disinfect


Toys & Enrichment

One of the best purchases we made was the cat wheel. I wish we had made this investment many years ago. Our babies LOVE the wheel! The only brand we recommend is the Ferris cat wheel by ZiggyDoo.

There are cheaper brands out there, but they are smaller which is bad for the Bengals spine. They are not built as well and if you search videos of the cats running on them you can see the wheel wobble the faster, they run. They have been known to injury cats. Also known to be really noisy. 

The Ferris cat wheel by ZiggyDoo solves all of those problems. It is worth the investment. 

They do not offer discounts however they will donate a wheel to be used in our Cattery after 15 referrals. If you decide to invest in their amazing wheel, please leave a comment on the checkout page that you were referred by Woods Bengals, our kitties will forever thank you! 

Here is a link to purchase yours:                                                Price in USD $445.00 (please check current price with ZiggyDoo)



My favorite harness, that is easy to use and is secure is the Rabbitgoo 

It is only $16 on Amazon. 

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