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"Fuzzy" Stage of a Bengal, what is it?

Let's talk about the "fuzzy stage" of a Bengal! Bengal kittens go through what is called a fuzzy stage. (This is very cool and a special trait that only the Bengals bring). This is where their markings are not clear or defined. This is inherited by their ancestor, the ALC (Asian Leopard cat). In the wild their kittens go through this fuzzy stage to help camouflage and keep them protected in the wild.

This typically begins around 4 weeks of age and can normally last till they are 16-20 weeks of age. (7-13 weeks is normally the fuzziest). However, this is not uncommon to continue until 8 months of age. And a Bengals markings/colors are "set" around 2 years of age. We have had some babies that you don't notice the fuzzy stage at all, and others go through this stage very "fuzzy". We love to see and watch these babies change. Sometimes we have kittens that we can see huge potential with, with our trained eye. And buyers looking for that flashy ALREADY contrasted kitten pass on these hidden gems. Thank you, Mandy, for sharing pictures of one of our kittens grown up, to help educate others on the "fuzzy" stage of the Bengal!!

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