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Born 03/29/2022! 
Next Litter Expecting: May 2022
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We offer Hypo-Allergenic Bengals - Specializing in large rosette markings with sweet personalities.

Our Bengals are bred for health, quality and personality! We are a registered cattery and member of TICA (the international cat association).


Our breeding cats get regular vet checks, bloodwork and have all been tested and negative for FIV/FeLV.

  • Tested and negative for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) our Cattery does this annually. - This is tested by doing an echocardiogram of the heart to ensure that our breeding cats are free from this disease.

  • Tested and negative for PKD (Polycystic kidney disease) this is tested by an ultrasound of the Kidneys.

  • We also DNA test for all 50 genetic diseases that are available to us, including but not limited to: Bengal PRA-b, PK-def.


Our goal as a Breeder is to make sure that we have the healthiest breeding cats that we can possibly have, so we can provide the best kittens that will have long healthy lives that bring love and joy to their new families for years to come! 

Our sweet Bengal's are raised in our home so they are socialized with children, our family dog and a hedgehog! These babies are given lots of love and attention so when they come to your home they have a great loving and affectionate personality!

Check out our testimonials from some of the family's that have adopted our babies. Click on the tab "testimonials".




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